Accessible skills training for students with disabilities

KAMLOOPS – Students with disabilities who face barriers to education and training in B.C. will continue to benefit from funding for accessible training and resources to help them gain skills and education for in-demand jobs.

 Thompson Rivers University (TRU) will receive $75,000 to support its Introducing Universal Design and Principles to Foundation Program.

 The Universal Design Principles will edit lesson plans and hand-outs to include language and formats that better support students with disabilities.

 More than $1.9 million will support ongoing training and resources for students with disabilities at 20 public post-secondary institutions. Each institution will receive one-time funding of $75,000 in 2016-17.

 This year’s funding builds on investments made in 2014-15 and 2015-16 for a total of more than $4 million to assist students with disabilities to overcome barriers to education and training.

 Government launched B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint in 2014 to align funding and programs with in-demand occupations. The Blueprint includes goals to provide better access to technical and trades-related training for learners with disabilities.

 The funding also supports Accessibility 2024, government’s 10-year action plan that includes goals, actions and long-term measures to make B.C. the most progressive place in Canada for people with disabilities.

Labour market forecasts show that B.C. anticipates almost one million job openings by 2024. Approximately 78% will require post-secondary training: 42% will require college education or apprenticeship training and 36% will require university and/or significant work experience.

Kamloops South Thompson MLA Todd Stone

“Our government wants all students to develop the skills they need as they work towards their goal of learning a trade. The demand for tradespeople has never been so encouraging and we are glad to help those with disabilities enter this growing workforce.”